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Josefina Biscailuz is a multidisciplinary designer originating from Uruguay currently based in NYC.

She is interested in exploring the intimate and poetic possibilities within digital media through 3D graphics and web programming.

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Made using Maya & Illustrator

Our project, meditrain, aims to relieve the stress of subway com-mutes by incorporating meditation and positive sensory stimula-tion into the ride itself. Meditrain is a subway-car pop-up in which we will add to the existing infrastructure of two subway cars to create a meditative experience and enhance commuters’ mind-fulness as they wind into and down-from their days.

We plan on bringing this atmosphere by engaging the senses, using guided meditation, essential oil diffusion, calming light col-ors, and ergonomic seat and railing designs. Although we will run the popup in express trains with fewer stops, we will coordinate the meditation track with the train’s stops, making the experi-ence feel uninterrupted yet easy to pick up from various locations. The lighting color and strength as well as the choice of essen-tial oils will be chosen for either optimal energizing or relaxing properties depending on time of day. This pop up will exist in two subway cars, each on different trains and different train lines. We will be targeting stressful, sometimes congested, train times. Therefore this experience and added in-car design elements will not take up additional space for sitting or standing, but will just make this normally unpleasant experience more mindful. Riding in this car and participating in this experience will be opt-in. In-formative graphics on the outside of the pop up carts will contain our branding to visually inform the subway riders before they de-cide to get in the car or not. Additionally signs on the outside of the car’s doors will inform the viewer that they must be silent if choosing to ride in this car.