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Josefina Biscailuz is a multidisciplinary designer originating from Uruguay currently based in NYC.

She is interested in exploring the intimate and poetic possibilities within digital media through 3D graphics and web programming.

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Tones of Intimacy

Made with Processing using Xbox Kinect & KinectPV2 library


Tones of Intimacy is an experience that sonifies interpersonal interactions through physical proximity.

By allowing participants to collaboratively explore and question their own intimacy we aim to investigate the uniqueness that arises from different relationships. Tones of Intimacy invites two participants to explore intimacy through physical touch and proximity. This interactive installation allows two users to engage in different levels of intimate touch and closeness with one another.

Using the Xbox Kinect and skeleton tracking, our installation maps the overlapping of joints on two bodies to musical notes. For example, if participants hands are close to one another, a sound will play, or if their shoulder joints are touching a different sound will play. If participants pull away from each other a sound will stop playing.

This allows participants to create their own soundscapes over time through their chosen interactions via proximity and touch. We hope to encourage people in platonic, romantic, and familial relationships to analyze and understand the importance of how physical touch manifests in their own relationships.

Pitch Deck PDF

Visit tonesofintimacy.glitch.me for more details and additional audio examples.

Collaborators: Brooke Smith, Andy Sun, Lizette Ayala & Herbert Ramirez